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August 4 - I can use some help in my life. Heck. I have two jobs but definitely need more income. I'm losing myself to pain but I'm here so I'm not losing myself. Today is not over so I have more things to do like usual. The story of X. Where do I start????? Check out My Life. I can use the help.

My Life
I've been blessed with two PT jobs. Still scouraging money because I need a check but Can someone DONATE something by clicking here. Current stats 7000 in debt. Everything will be apppreciated and I'll email everyone who does help. GOD BLESS. - DONATE - PayPal is available >>>> Trying to make work and starting to meet people again. Anyway, know any good church groups?? Anyway, Give me a halo. As I listen to My December, I ask why. Everything seems like a blur. Life is eternity in which all things are possible. Your desire and dreams.

I know I have to love. -I know I have to trust. -I know I have to change. - It is hard. - Saddens face -
I will trust. - I will love. -I will change. -I will one day.

The Other - The other person on the other side.

I'm deciding on my thoughts. - Either good or bad, - I'm walking on a road. - A road that will never end. - But I feel no peace and I feel no war. - I'm in between. A light guiding me out.

Gossip Air
The gossip stays in the air. I am a joke and no one cares. The heartfelt pain runs through me like a winter spring. I just lay there on the side watching and listening not sure what to understand. It is almost time to walk back home. When I walk home, the gossip, loneliness, and pain disappears. I then realize there is no one home.

Shiny Stilettos
A lady wearing shiny stilettos, Fish net under a flowing dress showing her beauty. - The eyes crystal clear looking peaceful and warm, just staring. -I see the entire world inside of the lady. - Something I want to touch and be with.

Peaceful Thoughts
I'm having a peaceful picnic on a mountain cliff over seeing the sunset with an orange sky and rainbow. Standing on top of a cliff is covered with green grass and I see a rose. I see a black rose. Looking below at the beach about 100 feet above. The beach is of white crystal sand and blue waters. In the distant in the sky, a white moon and the bright sun stands still in a moment of time.

Just Gazing
Artist: Amanda Marshall
Lyrics Title: Believe In You Lyric:

Somewhere there's a river
Lookin' for a stream
Somewhere there's a dreamer
Lookin' for a dream
Somewhere there's a drifter
Trying to find his way
Somewhere someone's waitin'
To hear somebody say

I believe in you
I can't even count the ways
That I believe in you
And all I want to do
ls help you to believe in you

Somewhere someone's reachin'
Trying to grab that ring
Somewhere there's a silent voice
Learning how to sing
Some of us can't move ahead
We're paralyzed with fear
Everybody's listening
'Cause we all need to hear

I believe in you
I can't even count the ways
That I believe in you
And all I want to do
ls help you to believe in you

I will hold you up
I will help you stand
I will comfort you
When you need a friend
I will be the voice that's calling

I believe in you
I can't even count the ways
That I believe in you
And all I want to do
ls help you to believe in you
And there are just so many ways
That I believe in you
Baby what else can I do
But believe in you
I believe in you
All I want to know is you believe
Believe in you

Flying in space in a huge ship with the dearest crew of friends. Looking at the stars through a big window. Not letting go of the moment. Life and Death. War and Peace. Love and Hate.

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Wish List
To be truly in love is worth everything.

Sometimes I sit and wonder
What my life is going to be
Where I'm at and where I'm going,
Just what will I live to see?
As I ponder ever deeper
Musing on things yet to come
Time and people pass beside me,
How much time until I'm done?
Soon I find I'm looking backward,
I am where my life will be
As I sat and thought and wondered
All the time caught up to me.

- Thad Brister

In the end.

There is an ending
Where our destiny end.
Somewhere there is a beginning.
We life begins.

We learn to make changes.
We learn to move in pace.
We let ot lead us or we think to lead it
The paths of life of changes
The ending is always the same.

We have our own destiny.
Stand and make the changes.
Because in the end we are one step ahead.

(work in progress)


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